Brian Cowan’s Red Guzzi made by Kaffeemaschine

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25-06-12 10:06 | Filed Under: Blog

The bike was built for Brian Cowan (UK), who wanted a pure custom racebike for vintage racing. His preconditions were: fast, red/silver, cast wheels. And he wanted to ride the biker´s classics (next week) with it, so the schedule was tight. If you are there and see him riding his red “Kaffeemaschine” rather slow- he still has to break in his brandnew engine…
That is a modified/tuned V11 unit (1040ccm, 95hp), combined with a 1980 frame- the Guzzi racer was built from single components. Dry weight is 176kg. I modified a LM1 fairing and chose a Magni-shape GFK tank. The fork is a revised Guzzi original with modern dampers and springs, shocks are special Ikon ones, brake components are new and improved. All other parts are handcrafted, as usual.

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