Chicken Salad by LC Fabrications

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Jeremy Cupp of LC Fabrications has a truly original style when it comes to customization. However, he is known as custom bike builder who works with Harleys and Triumphs, but somehow a Yamaha made its way to his garage. The story begins with Bruce, a really nice guy who has it all: big black trucks, sweet little roadsters and all the fine women. Bruce, picked up a ’79 XS650 with only 11K on its 31 year old odometer but the bike sat for over a year in his garage. One day Bruce decided to donate this f-n Yamaha to the cause and this and where Cupp and the chicken shit (the f-n Yamaha) met.

Cupp had other things to take care at that time, but the bug was in his mind: the XS650 was only half finished and it was just sitting around, with some really cool ideas. He than decided to screw the Panster project and began his work on the Yamaha exploring the possibilities. The result? A beautiful and compact tracker-style custom with hard-tail back end and a cantilevered seat. The motor received some attention too, it was boosted with a 750 cylinder kit, 36mm Mikuni round slide carburetion and mild porting. Yes, Cupp can make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

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