Hylke’s Ducati Monster 1000ds

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27-04-11 01:04 | Filed Under: Blog

A couple of days ago Hylke, from holland sent me this Monster.

The bike was a ducati monster 1000ds.
It is 149 kg dry weight and 103 rearwheel Hp (cv).

Top yoke: speedy moto
tank: Californian cycleworks
Cooler: NCR
Wheels: itx
Mufflers: Mivv
Exhaustpipes: ducati corse
The rest custom made bij Mije Pajic, a famous racer.
Clip ons: PP
Seat: custon made glasfiber
Front mask: cir cui
Pressureplate mb2c

Motor is tuned by Biggelaar Performance, it has a light flywheel.
etc, etc, etc.

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