Phase 1 of the Sportster by Roland Sands

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09-09-10 10:09 | Filed Under: Blog

“Where others see trash we see treasure. We wanted a cafe sporty on the cheap so we set about finding a crashed bike we could build as budget-minded as possible. We started with the bars or lack of them, by adding clip ons, removed all the junk on top of the triples, and prototyped a cool instrument cluster and headlight relocation piece that moves the headlight and gauges down. We also prototyped a key and coil relocation piece to get rid of all the plastic under the gas tank. We then threw on her all the RSD product we had, fixed the tank, chopped the rear fender and painted her on the cheap. For under 10K we brought her back to life and she’s better than ever.”

No comment guys, just a song: “She took my heart, I think she took my soul…”

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