Tatra V8 bike from dbbp.com

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Nino had this fantastic engine. It the engine of a Tatra 603.

It is an aircooled V8 with 2500 ccm and round about 100 HP and an amazing torque. The two Coolerfans make a howling sound like a turbine. This sound mixed with the uncompareable sound of a V8 machine makes your hair stand up.

The Gearbox he took from a P3-Sachsenring (its an offroad car of the east German Army) modified it and put it on the engine.

The rest of the bike is completely selfbuilt by Nino. The most difficult thing to built was the rearwheel-drive. Therefore he took the gearwheels of an old Mitsubishi Pajero Differential and built a Kardan. And it works.

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